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Our History

The story of Exemplar Developments begins in 1980 under the leadership of Jag Kalar. Although the namesake was not yet in existence, Jag’s dream to develop had long begun. Jag Kalar’s story started with his settlement in British Columbia in the year 1976. With hard work, grit, and a principled approach to entrepreneurialism, Jag scraped together savings with the help of his wife Gurbax, and they started their first venture together, a mushroom farm.

Jag attributes his success in land development as being twofold: one part, the commitment and support of his wife, Gurbax, and the other being the skills & patience farming instilled in him. Suffice to say, hard work, and an honest living propelled the Kalar family forward so that they could diversify their land holdings from agricultural to speculative industrial parcels, and into other industries such as transportation and crane operations.
Today, Jag, along with his children, Jas, Parm, and Shawn have helped form the new guard of the family business and further expanded their portfolio interprovincially, and across various asset classes.

Exemplar Developments stands tall to exemplify the same virtues upon which the foundation of the companies has stood the test of time. As Exemplar leads the way into the current age, we hope to continue bringing innovative, meaningful, and intentional projects, whose form, and function will attest to the trust, execution, and exemplary spirit of the companies.

How Do We Work

Exemplar Developments is a forward-thinking firm. We strive to bring to the market standout projects. Each project is a culmination of hard work, analysis, risk management, and collaborative procession. By that definition, our personnel is characterized by their tenacity, creativity, cooperativeness, and methodology.
Above and beyond what we produce for our communities, the health, well being and career optimization of our associates are of paramount importance to our operational philosophy and our expanding portfolio.
Core value 001
Trust Built Relationships Always
Core value 002
Integrity At All Times 
Core value 003
Entrepreneurial In All Pursuits
Core value 004
Impactful In All Intentions
Core value 005
Pride In Execution
Core value 006
Passion Fuelled
Professional acumen, track record, and achievement at building financial value are some of the core principles that make our business sustainable and enterprising. Conscientious & impactful development is what we are most passionate about, and helps us drive the industry further year after year.


Exemplar Developments understands that our business is dependent upon our customers, and the communities we serve. With Trust, Execution, and Exemplary outcomes acting as a bedrock to our company culture and goals, we partner with professionals who we think complement and will form synergistic relationships, to enhance the overall business outlook.
We continue to invest: creating single family lots, multi-family units, industrial parks, residential subdivisions, and commercial properties designed for everyday Canadians.

Let’s make wonders

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