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Exemplar Project


Located in the municipality of West Saint Paul, this 382-acre master-planned, mixed-use community is envisioned with a new generation of homebuyers in mind. Best of all, it is within the Perimeter.
West St. Paul, MB

Careful planning has led us to design and ensure accessibility and connectivity are of paramount importance. With access to Main and McPhillips Street, and located within the bounds of the Perimeter Hwy of Winnipeg; Exemplar Developments is developing this master-planned community with close partners and a team of consultants.  

Working closely with conservationist experts, Meadowlands will feature 3 Naturalized Stormwater Retention Ponds. These are environmentally friendly measures undertaken to mimic the natural wetlands native to Manitoba by incorporating native species of plants into the lake systems. These systems help improve water quality and ensure sustainability of the development for future generations to come. Meadowlands speaks to the values Exemplar Developments wishes to continue to build upon: community generation, respect for the environment, and holistic design.

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Meadowlands is the ideal juncture for rural - urban living. The perfect crossroads between nature and the big city. Not to forget the largest residential subdivision in the Capital Region.
Winnipeg, MB

Canterbury Crossing

Rosser, MB

BrookPort Business Park

Winnipeg, MB

951 Portage Avenue