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Seven Oaks Market

Located at the intersection of Templeton Avenue and McPhillips Street, Seven Oaks Market offers excellent exposure and visibility to a high-traffic corridor.
Winnipeg, MB

Seven Oaks Market stands on the historic grounds of Old Kildonan’s ‘Wheelies,’ building. From what was once a roller skating rink to what is now a 20,000 sq. ft. retail complex, Seven Oaks Market has something to offer everyone. 

Exemplar Developments strategically partnered on this project to help manage the transformation of this space. Seeing the project through approvals, financing, and construction management, led to the successful overhaul and renovation in 2020.  Transforming an underutilized, and undervalued structure to one that after life again, is an achievement that makes us most proud.

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With a record setting lease out, Seven Oaks Market is a well positioned retail / office asset for Winnipeg North. Located on a major thoroughfare, Seven Oaks Market speaks volumes.
Winnipeg, MB

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Rosser, MB

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Winnipeg, MB

951 Portage Avenue