Exemplar Developments


Transforming your hard earned capital

Over the years, Exemplar Developments has completed various projects across Manitoba with boundless energy and an entrepreneurial flair.


Feasibility Study & Market Analysis

A team of experts undergo a comprehensive analysis and research in order to assess the viability of a project.

Site Selection & acquisition

There are plenty of options to build in Manitoba, and Exemplar ensures that each development is created in thriving and growing neighbourhoods.

City Approvals

Navigating the approval process of permits and applications can be laborious and tiresome. Exemplar successfully navigates through this complex process, using the collective expertise of the team, along with key relationships it has developed over the years.


Using multiple forms of traditional and digital marketing, Exemplar creates and deploys a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach project goals.

Financing & Ownership

Exemplar has strong partnerships with national and local lenders to solidify full capital for each project and development.

Costs & Revenue Projections

What’s the total ROI? Ultimately, each project and development has to provide a return to all investors. Exemplar seeks to mitigate risk, and provides a comprehensive outlook into full financials for each project.

Conceptual Planning & Design

What will the development look like? Exemplar provides full renderings/site plans based on requirements and specifications.

Construction Consulting & Management

Beyond a development firm, Exemplar is also a full-service construction management company, and has the capacity to build small projects into large scale communities.

project management

The Exemplar team is capable of taking a land development project from conceptual design, detailed design, and development approvals, through to tendering, construction, and completion, diligently managing the overall project on a day-to-day basis.